Cocoa or Cacao – What’s the Difference?

Recently, researchers have been telling people to “eat more chocolate for its amazing health benefits”. The problem is they aren’t referring to your average store-bought chocolate. The chocolate being referred to is Raw Cacao, NOT Cocoa. You will see in my recipes I list Cacao, over Cocoa- Why not reap the health benefits while enjoying a chocolatey treat!

Cold-pressing unroasted cocoa beans is how Raw Cacao is made, this allows for a high enzyme content to be kept in the Cacao. Although Cocoa looks the same, it’s not! Cocoa powder is made by taking Raw Cacao and processing it at high temperatures. The high temperature changes the molecular structure , which lowers the amount of enzymes and overall reduces the nutritional value.

Looking to purchase Raw Cacao?! You can buy it as nibs, powder and butter- Find it in bulk food stores, health stores, online at websites like Amazon, or even stores like Winners, TJ Maxx and Marshalls sell it in their food section.


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