Eating Real Food Never Goes Out of Style

Not all calories are made the same, the sources of calories and nutrients are what really matter. For example, 200 calories of candy vs. vegetables don’t have the same effect on your body.

 Ultra-processed and pre-packaged foods are energy dense, also known as high calorie foods, provide many calories with little value to the body.

Eating 2,000 calories of ultra-processed foods in a day adds up very quickly and chances are you’ll still be feeling hungry for more before the day is over. Processed foods taste good because they contain added sugars and additives that trick you into thinking it’s the food your body wants, but really is making your body addicted and craving more. Some of the WORST products you can buy are the ones advertised as “fat free” and “light”. To make these products “lighter” additional sugar is added to make the label appear better, but really it’s hurting your body more than anything.

Nutrient dense foods on the other hand, provide nutrients for your body such as fibre, vitamins and minerals with low added sugar and fat.

Get a surplus of nutrients and never worry about calories by switching from a calorie counting (energy dense) diet to a REAL FOOD (nutrient dense) lifestyle.

Even explaining real food is easier!

 Years ago, I was also a guilty of calorie counting and always went for those “diet” food options. Ever since I’ve changed my lifestyle to focus on nutrient dense foods I don’t think twice about the calories I’m consuming because it’s feeding my body the proper fuel it needs.

You get to eat more, without gaining the weight, and I’m certain you’ll lose weight if you stick to it! Who wouldn’t want that???!

Skip the fad diets, they don’t work. Eating real food never goes out of style!

Do it.


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