Get to know Becka: 29 Facts About Me

Since I don’t often share much about myself, I thought it would be fun to post some random facts to get to know me a little better. Find out everything from my greatest fear to my overly small shoe size!

Did You Know:

  1. My full name is Rebecca, but only family and my long time friends call me that
  2. Don’t call me Becky – Becka, Bec or Bexx is good
  3. I’m a lefty for everything execpt cutting with scissors – I taught myself how to use my right hand because left handed scissors are the worst
  4. I’m terrified of live fish even though nothing makes me happier than spending summer weekends on the lake – whatever you do, don’t yell “FISH” while I’m in the water
  5. I didn’t start cooking until I went gluten free in 2012, my family is still very confused about this.
  6. I’m very uncoordinated so sports have never been my thing, but give me a pencil and paper and I’d be happy drawing for hours
  7. I’m obsessed with podcasts because I love learning about random things – anything and everything!
  8. I was born 6 weeks pre-maturally which has affected my health in some ways
  9. Other than a basic photography class in high school, I didn’t get into photography until I started GG at the end of 2014. I used an iPhone for all my photos up until a year ago.
  10. I work a full time Monday-Friday job, plus do GG for at least 30-40 hours a week
  11. I used to go out drinking every weekend, but now I can’t bring myself to waste a day feeling tired and hungover. Now I leave drinking for special occasions
  12. The one sport I was good at as a kid is gymasnatics because I was super flexible. I’ve been getting more into yoga to bring back that flexibility
  13. Up until this year I didn’t like mushrooms, green olives or curry – now I’m obsessed with them all
  14. The only foods I don’t like are wasabi, yellow mustard and black olives
  15. I’ve watched the full seasons of Friends and The OC at least 5 times. I also love re-watching Sex in the City
  16. I despise most reality tv and would love to never hear about the bachelor again. I just don’t like it.
  17. Unless I get into binge watching a show, I don’t watch much TV
  18. I wear youth size 3 shoes and get told I’m much shorter than expected in person – I’m 5’4”
  19. I grew up in a small town and had the best time there, but felt a bit like an outsider because I always pictured myself in the city
  20. I was very shy when I was younger, now I’m the complete opposite and will make friends with anyone I feel good energy from
  21. I truly believe your vibe attracts your tribe and have no time for drama or superficial relationships
  22. Even though I’ve lived 2 – 6 hours away from my family since I was 18, we’re still super close and I talk to them everyday
  23. As much as I’m very social, I love spending time alone. I need my daily alone time
  24. I love reading, but since completing a degree in English I only enjoy non-fiction
  25. I went to school in Ottawa (Canada’s capital) and even though I didn’t grow up there, it will always feel like home
  26. Even though I’m very active on social media, I still keep most of my life pretty private
  27. I live in downtown Toronto – it’s a love / hate relationship because it’s great being in the middle of all the action but I would love to own a house with a yard and garden
  28. Most of you probably didn’t know I have a boyfriend because as I said above, I still keep a lot in my life private
  29. Our birthdays are a day apart – I’m older by a day

Is there anything else you want to know about me? Ask in the comments below!


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