Grainless Seafood Paella Casserole

We’re getting in the Spanish mood today with this Grainless Seafood Paella Casserole! Paella is a classic Spanish dish made of rice and served in a pan. Since rice isn’t grainless, I figured pasta would be a great alternative!

But what pasta is grainless you may ask?! Learn more below!

 I have a grainless pasta to show you that contains only two ingredients – doesn’t that sounds too good to be true? Chickapea Pasta has done it and they’ve done it well with their line of pasta made out of only two ingredients, chickpeas and lentils. All their products are certified gluten free, non-gmo, kosher, organic and vegan.

It’s always an interesting experience trying new brands of gluten free and grainless pastas, especially because not many stand up the greatest when reheated or are well cooked, so I was a little nervous my casserole may turn into a mushy mess after being boiled then baked. This pasta exceeded my expectations. After cooking it to Al Dente and then baking it in the sauce, the noodles held up really well! Even two days after making it, the pasta is still in perfect form. Find the recipe below!


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