Gut Health 101 & Orange Ginger Sunflower Butter Cup Recipe with Genuine Health

There are a lot buzz words in the health world days like probiotics, prebiotics and fermented, but what does this all mean? There are certain health crazes I don’t always fall deep into, but being one who’s had severe digestive issues in the past means I’m an advocate for all things gut health!

So what’s the deal with probiotics and prebiotics?

Probiotics are a digestive support that contain friendly bacteria that’s needed in the digestive tract in large numbers. Often taken as a supplement, the live bacteria count usually contains millions to billions per dose to keep your gut happy. In order to ensure you’re properly absorbing probiotics, it’s important to take a prebiotic beforehand. In turn, prebiotics contain a large number of bacteria that are required to allow probiotic bacteria to grow and thrive. A very simple way to get your prebiotics is in plant form (vegetables) aka fiber. Prebiotics have many health benefits which include:

  • Help encourage the growth of gut bacteria
  •  Improve digestion
  • Enhance mineral absorption
  • Enhance production of beneficial short chain fatty acids, which help to acidify the colon and prevent the growth of “bad” bacteria
  • Higher immune function
  • Lower inflammation and autoimmune reactions
  • Lower stress response
    + more!

What about fermented foods?

I’m fermented food crazy! If you follow my Instagram stories, you probably know that I’m a kombucha addict and even brew my own at home. Kombucha was the first fermented food I got into and I quickly began noticing positive changes in my very sensitive GI tract. Other fermented foods include kimchi, sauerkraut, pickles, kefir, tempeh, yogurt and more. Like probiotics, fermented foods also promote a healthy gut biome.

Genuine Health fermented organic gut superfoods+

Since life gets busy and we don’t always have time to be eating all our nutrients, I’ve partnered with Genuine Health to show you their new fermented organic gut superfoods+! Each scoop contains fully-fermented plant-based superfoods and prebiotics that nourish for healthy gut ecology. It’s also great because it’s a rich source of fiber that isn’t rough on the digestive tract while providing concentrated plant nutrients for your digestive system and overall health.

In a single portion you get 22 superfoods all at once which is insane because as much as I love my veggies, I can fully admit I never eat the range of superfoods the powder provides in only 1 scoop – I’m sure you don’t either! For your reference here’s what’s in this organic superfoods blend:

[Organic spirulina, organic cabbage, organic cauliflower, organic spinach, organic black currant, organic raspberry, organic mulberry, organic broccoli, organic carrot, organic beet, organic grape, organic kale, organic sea buckthorn, organic pomegranate, organic sweet potato, organic apricot, organic bitter melon, organic ginger, organic cinnamon, organic clove]

OH BABY – all the goods!

There are so many ways fermented organic gut superfoods+ can be consumed. Add it to your smoothie, pancakes, soups, baking and more! It’s available in Sweetened & Unflavoured (my personal fave), plus a range of flavours like Orange Ginger and Summer Berry Pomegranate. It is great for any kind of palate – even for all the picky eaters out there.

Find Genuine Health fermented organic gut superfoods+: Online or In a Store Near You!

Now it’s recipe time!

Do you love those chocolate oranges that come out during the holidays? Ok good, because you’re going to LOVE this one! These Orange Ginger Sunflower Butter Cups will leave you feeling satisfied and your gut happy! I whipped up a quick batch using Genuine Health fermented organic gut superfoods+ and only a couple other ingredients. This recipe is gluten free, paleo, vegan and refined sugar free!

Orange Ginger Sunflower Butter Cups Recipe:



  1. Using a glass bowl microwave chocolate chips for 50-60 seconds. Do not over heat. Remove and stir chocolate with a spoon until fully melted.
  2. Line a muffin tin with paper cups. Spoon a small amount of chocolate to the bottom of each cup, use enough chocolate to cover the bottom. Repeat with all cups.
  3. In a small bowl combine sunflower seed butter and Genuine Health fermented organic gut superfoods+ . Mix until smooth.
  4. Take a 1/2 tbsp of sunflower seed butter mixture and drop it in the middle of each muffin cup. Lightly flatten down with a spoon.
  5. Spoon the remaining melted chocolate on top of the sunflower seed butter layer to fully cover the sides and top of each cup.
  6. Lightly sprinkle a small amount of salt on top.
  7. Place in freezer for 20 minutes to harden chocolate before serving. Store in fridge of freezer.


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