Just Saying HELLO!

HEY FRIENDS! I just wanted to pop in quick and say HI to all my new (and long-time) followers. My name’s Becka, I’m the creator of Going Grainless. I accidentally created Going Grainless a few years ago when I first taught myself how to cook and began swapping out packaged products for real food, which quickly reversed my digestive issues, anxiety, asthma + more. Before that, my idea of cooking was making a pizza on pita bread every night.

Unexpectedly, this account had allowed me to fuel my love for creativity, discover my passion and most importantly provide inspiration for others on this journey to better health.I’m also the co-host of the wellness podcast @thisisvibetribe, a holistic nutrition student, work a full-time corporate job and love good a glass of red wine from time to time (in between kombucha of course).

My health philosophy is all about balance and not restricting your body of what it wants. Thanks so much for following along!

Becka xx



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