The Fitness Mindset

Fitness has been in my life ever since I could remember. When I was a little girl it meant riding my bike around the neighbourhood with my friends. When I was in high school it meant swim meets and after school track practices. In university, fitness soon evolved into a different meaning, attached to new responsibilities, as I was no longer the pre-teen with a high speed metabolism. I could no longer mindlessly eat junk food or purge on carbs without consequences. I gained weight, then I lost weight, and the cycle would repeat. The number on the scale and my reflection soon became measuring tools of my self-worth.

I searched for self-confidence at the gym and found my passion for lifting weights through discovering a new strength and power. I was never satisfied with my progress though, and I often reminisced and compared myself to old photos from when I had managed to drop those extra few pounds.

My search for accomplishment and self-worth soon found the bodybuilding industry, where I prepped for and won my first figure competition. Not surprisingly, throughout my prep I was never happy with my progress, nor could I accept compliments from others. The woman staring back at me in the mirror was never good enough because I didn’t value her.

The wall of unreachable perfection I had built then came crashing down. The process of regaining the post show weight poured my insecurities out onto an open canvas for me to look at every day. I hid behind over indulging, compensating cardio sessions, and I relied solely on validation from others. Then meditation stepped into my life.

The first few months were more painful than the previous. I was tearing open old wounds and staring them in the face. I worked on letting them go, one by one, taking off the pieces of armour I had worn for so many years. I was rediscovering my self-worth and learning to love myself again.

Regaining self-love soon translated into naturally choosing nutritious foods and an active lifestyle simply because of how amazing it made me feel. No longer were diet and exercise tied to my scale and mirror. It was absolutely liberating! It was then I discovered my life’s purpose to help others do the same, knowing most girls (and guys) go through the same painful transition during high school, university, and often throughout the rest of their lives.

I have learned that healthy living starts from within and translates outwards. Fitness can be used to manifest the life you want through applying the same skills, achieved at the gym, in the pool, or on the yoga mat, to all aspects of life.

Being fit doesn’t mean attaining perfection, nor does it mean finding the perfect exercise program or diet. It means forging the right mindset to create and enjoy the life you have to live.

– Becci Vaughan

BSc, Health & Wellness Coach

Manifest Your Best”


Note from Becka:

Thank you so much Becci for sharing your story. This is one that resonates with girls everywhere, on so many different levels. What you’re doing is incredible – keep inspiring girl!



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