VIDEO: 1-Pot Coconut Curry Daal

We’re back at it over at Vibe Tribe Wellness with a NEW recipe video! It takes 20 minutes to make and is great to enjoy all week long. It’s actually my current obsession – I’ve made in four times in the past month! It’s gluten free and vegan, but can be easily modified to fit any dietary need. A big thank you to @naturescanada + @adriana!

The easiest and tastiest one-pot dinner EVER. This Indian-inspired dish is the perfect dish to make for the family (or save and freeze for later). Immune-boosting, belly-warming, gluten-free (and dairy-free) goodness.

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For the Daal:
1 TBSP Coconut oil
2 cloves Garlic, minced
1 Cooking onion, diced
1 large sweet potato, diced
1TBSP Curry powder
1 tsp Turmeric
1 tsp Red chili flakes
1 tsp Salt
1 TBSP Fresh ginger, minced
1 cup Vegetable stock
1 can coconut milk
2 cups red lentils, canned
1 cup Vegetable stock
1 handful Cilantro

1. In a large pot, heat coconut oil until melted then sauté garlic and onions. Add in sweet potatoes.
2. Add in spices and mix to cover all ingredients. Add in ginger, chicken stock and coconut milk. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 15 minutes.
3. Add in canned lentils. Stir completely. Add in cilantro at the end.
4. Serve warm and enjoy!

Thank you to Nature’s Emporium for providing us with a beautiful space and healthy ingredients.

Thanks to Staub & Zwilling for your beautiful dishes and knives.


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