What does ‘BPA Free’ really mean?


From the dollar store to high end store, have you ever wondered what the ‘BPA free’ stamp found on plastic products really means?

Here’s what you need to know: 

BPA is short for Bisphenol A – it is a synthetic estrogen used in polycarbonate plastic products. When something is  labeled as BPA free it’s typically deemed as “safe”, unfortunately that isn’t at all true. BPA is known to cause several health problems  including infertility, sexual dysfunction, cancer, asthma and more. It is most commonly known to be found in water bottles, canned goods, food packaging, receipts and anything printed on thermal paper.

Unfortunately, the BPA free stamp doesn’t actually mean much since plastic can still contain many other toxic chemicals and additives.

Your best bet is to replace all of your plastic with glass (stainless steel or aluminum is another an option).  Be careful with any plastic that you do use. Don’t put plastic in the dishwasher or with anything hot. Try to buy fresh foods and store food leftovers in glass containers.

A Few Alternatives to Plastic

The cheapest and my favourite – Mason Jars


Lululemon H2Om Glass Waterbottle $28.00CAN


S’well Water Bottle $45CAN


Anchor Hocking Glass Storage Set, 8-Pc $24.99CAN


Lock&Lock 18-piece set $19.99CAN


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